Property Policies


The policies are designed to insure that you and your guests (and our neighbours !) have an enjoyable and safe holiday. Please read them before you book our home and if there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Reservation & Cancellation Policies

Arrival Days

Any available day. Your suite is guaranteed ready by 4 pm, unless otherwise arranged if no guest is in the home prior to your arrival.
Cancellation made by Guests Deposit is non refundable.
Courtesy Hold Reservations 24 hour courtesy hold to finalize the rest of your travel details.
Delayed Arrivals We are not responsible for delayed arrivals, but we will do our best to accomodate you, if possible.
Delivery of Instructions
and Access Information
Will be emailed to you 7 days before your arrival, if you do not recieve them please do not hesitate to contact me immeditaely.
Guest Account Termination
The Owner or their Contact reserve the right to request permanent Guest account inactivation from this web sites technical administrators in the event of one or more of the following Guest actions: intentional property policy violation causing material damage or fines, Guest misrepresentation and/or fraud, intentionally defacing or damaging public or private property, breaking laws and bylaws, theft, public indecency, harassment, causing bodily or emotional harm & disturbing the peace after repetitive warnings. Guests will be notified by email of account termination. Guests may choose to appeal their account termination. Guests may be given the chance to reconcile with the Owner as a condition of preserving or reversing their account status. Account termination prevents the Guest from booking this or any other property that uses the same web site.

Ineligible Guests: 
24 Hour Reservation Reversal

The Owner or their Contact reserves the right to cancel reservations made by, and refuse business to: Guests who do not meet the policies published in this property’s Policies Table at the time of booking and past Guests known to have : intentionally violated rental property policies, damaged and/or defaced rental properties through intentionally destructive and/or negligent behavior, engaged in theft, broken local bylaws and laws, committed fraud or who misrepresented themselves, and Guests who have caused bodily or emotional harm to any third parties. Reservations may be cancelled up to a maximum of 48 hours from the time the ineligible Guest made the booking. Guests will be issued a refund by personal cheque. Refunds will be adjusted for any payment processing expenses.
Late Reservation Payments May result in the cancelation of your reservation. I will follow up with you via email and phone before canceling your reservation.
Privacy The Owner, their booking Contact and this web sites technical administrators agree to not sell, refer, rent or divulge to any third parties the names or personal information of their Guests without prior written consent from the Guests, except under force of law, or for law enforcement purposes relating to policy and property violation. The Owner and their booking Contact also agree to not use Guest personal information for any reason other than its original intended purpose without written consent from the Guests. Guests agree to not sell, refer, rent or divulge to any third parties the names or personal information of the Owner or their booking Contact without prior written consent from the Owner and/or Contact, except under force of law or for law enforcement purposes. Guests also agree to not use Owner or Contact personal information for any reason other than its original intended purpose without written consent from the Owners and their Contact.


Guest Stay Policies

Adults Must be a minimum age of 25 years to book our properties. Minimum age of 30 years on holiday weekends.
Check-in Time 4pm. Early check-in may be available, please advise us if you require an early check-in and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Check-out Time 10am. late check outs can be requested and will be given, if available. 
Complaints Concerning Property Report all property complaints or obvious damage caused by previous Guests to us immediately, by phone and by email as they become evident. Serious problems should be reported with supporting photographs. We will make our best efforts to rectify problems within 24 hours of notification. Failure to notify us of property-related problems while in the property and as they become evident, will forfeit any rights or claims against us regarding property condition after your departure. 
Excessive Cleaning Costs Will be billed to the guest.
Excessive Noise Resort Municipality of Whistler has a no noise bylaw after 10pm or before 7am. The Strata Manager and Whistler Bylaw will fine any persons breaking this bylaw. Excessive noise will also result in a warning. Police may be contacted, and if deemed necessary, an eviction notice may be issued immediately.
Garbage Removal It is the responsibility of the guest to remove their garbage upon leaving. If the cleaning staff needs to remove the garbage the guest will be charged accordingly. 
Housekeeping Complimentary for arrival and departure for stays.  Extra cleans can be arranged at a cost to the guest. 
Liability We are not responsible for guests or their guests while they are on our property or at any location in Whistler, BC. 
Maintenance Emergencies Please see details noted in the condo or on your check-in instructions.
Max. Sleeping Capacities Please see specific property for details.
Missing Items Will be charged to the guest upon leaving. We understand that from time to time acciedents happen, so please advise if an item has be broken. 
Noise Restrictions No noise after 10pm or before 7am. 
Property Damage Guests will pay for all damage incurred by themselves or their guests while staying in the property. Damage includes but is not restricted to: noise complaints, common or private property damage,; lost, broken or missing property; extra cleaning charges as a result of misuse of the property; charges relating to the property occupant’s behaviour while in the common or private property. 
Rental Accommodation Zoning Properties are legally zoned for short and long term rental use. Phase I covenant. 
Terms of Eviction Smoking, excessive noise, threat of damage to private or public property, disturbing the peace; excess of maximum allowable overnight occupants, i.e. immediately if any of our policies are abused.